Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who, Me?

Family Portrait

Self-Portrait (front and profile), with boys, inside and outside Dan Graham's "For Gordon Bunshaft."

We wandered around The National Mall today, visiting the Museum of Natural History, eating hot dogs on the Mall and wandering through the Smithsonian Castle.  We also meandered down to the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden to see the Death Star.


It's not really the Death Star.  That's just what Junebug calls it.  It's really Sphere No. 6 (Sphere within a Sphere by sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro, which pre-dates George Lucas' Death Star by about 15 years.  I love walking through sculpture gardens.  I have latent sculpting tendencies.  Which is much better than the latent maniacal tendencies that I usually have.

I need a studio.  With lots of cool machinery.  And glue.


And HEY...remember the give-away over at Julie's blog?  Well...

I WON!!  Woo Hoo!!!!  I picked out my print and notecards from Julie's etsy shop and she's going to send them out this week!  Yay Me!  I'll post a photo when they arrive, so you can all envy me.

Thanks Julie!