Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Blind Contour Drawing

We took a quick trip south over the weekend, to check on the house and visit the orthodontist and the boys' guitar teacher.  We had obligations that prevented us from seeing everyone we'd like, but we know we'll be back again in a few weeks, so that helps to offset the disappointments. 

One evening, while the boys were over at their buddy's house next door, I took a few minutes to look through the WetCanvas website.  At one time, I was a pretty active member, but over the last few years, I've found myself there less and less.  No real reason - just a shift in time spent doing other things.  One of the things I always enjoyed doing was participating in the Weekly Drawing Event, where one member posts about 15 photos and the other members pick from them to draw/paint/collage...whatever.  I grabbed this photo from the site and did a quick blind contour drawing, which I then went back and added a few things to - like the shading, and the reflections in the sunglasses.  I should probably call this a modified blind contour drawing, because I did allow myself to peek whenever I got to a point where I needed to lift the pen - like going back to do the sunglasses, and the starting points for facial features.

I love doing these, and whenever I get one finished, I always wonder why I don't do at least one a day.  They don't take any time, they feel good, and the finished product is always so interesting to me.

Maybe that will be my Creative Everyday focus for March - one blind contour per day.  No pressure - it's not really possible to be pressured with one of these, because I know they aren't going to look exactly like the thing I'm drawing.

I like it,