Monday, March 10, 2008



I've made it all the way through the longest part of winter without being too badly affected.

Until last week.

Or maybe the week before. It's hard to say, now.

In any case...I'm stuck. Stumped. Stultified. Stalled, stifled, squashed. Stagnant.

Are you getting my drift, here?

It's hard to say why. Daylight savings time just didn't start soon enough. Someone looked at me cross-eyed last Wednesday. Spring Break is next week. Who the heck knows anymore.

It doesn't really matter why, I think. What matters is breaking through the funk. The stump-funk. The steaming, stultifying, stagnant, stalled, stifled, squashed stump-funk.

Aren't you glad you dropped in today? Here - have a big steaming cup of stump-funk with me! Pull up a chair and whine awhile.

You'll fit right in.