Saturday, March 29, 2008

Diahn Gets Her Groove Back

Or at least continues to try to get it back...It was a rainy, rainy day here in east Tennessee, so I sketched from some photos I took on some recent adventures. It feels really good to draw again. I can feel the little frowny lines between my eyes relaxing...

A jellyfish from the Aquarium of the Smokies - one of my boys and my favorite places to visit. I love the jellyfish tanks - they look so ethereal - like underwater sea fairies...except they might wrap their nettles around you and make you wish your nerve endings didn't connect to your pain receptors.

Jellyfish at Gatlinburg Aquarium

And a page of memories from our trip to Dollywood. I didn't realize that they have a large eagle sanctuary there, and could have stood in front of the majestic birds all day. Just fantastic. I also enjoyed watching the boys take it all in for the first time. Not surprisingly, D was slow to warm up to the more adventurous rides, loved the mid-range ones with less-steep drops, while J LOVED the gigantic drop of Daredevil Falls and wanted to go over and over, and in the FRONT SEAT! We all got wet that day, but he was SOAKED.

Opening Day at Dollywood

Can someone explain to me why I can draw an eagle, but not my own children? Strange. J looks like he will when he's 16, and D's eyes and mouth are wonky, but...that's okay. Right?