Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sunday afternoon the kids in the neighborhood came across this little girl. She's got on a collar with a rabies vaccination tag, but it is out of date and the vet clinic that it was registered to doesn't keep the owner information in their computer longer than a year (how lame is that???). She's a sweet girl - at least 2-3 years old, according to that tag (it was from 2005) and she is currently renting the doghouse out back.


The boys and I made flyers and passed them out all over our neighborhood and two other neighborhoods nearby. We also let the local shelter know we had found her in case anyone was looking. Given the smell that is currently emanating from this pup, she's been away from home awhile, although she's not overly scrawny. Slim, for sure, but not starving. She's been very sweet to the humans here, but I introduced Oscar and Chico to the mix today to see what she would do.

Strangely enough, she and Chico did okay. He sniffed...she growled...he walked away. No hay problema.

She and Oscar did not fare so well. It may be time for a little Dog Whisperer action.

I think Dr. SmartyPants (the softy) is secretly hoping nobody claims her so we can keep her. I don't know. She's got to have a serious bath and a cat-scan. Literally. If she is not nice to Ben, forget it. She is obviously a Jack Russell Terrier, so she is going to have a need to chase things like cats.

I don't know.

The boys have already named her "Precious." AS IF. I mean, please. "Precious?" I think we can do better than that. Something has to stand up to those manly names the other critters have.

IF no one claims her and IF she passes the cat scan (and getting along with Oscar) and IF a fabulous wonderful literary strong name pops into my head. THEN I'll think about it.

At least there would be another girl in the house...

OH - and hey everyone...if you have a dog/cat/bird/ferret...whatever...PLEASE put a collar with ID on it. I mean really. It's simple. It's cheap. You could have your pet back.