Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Day

The reports last night said it MIGHT snow here in the valley. The 6 year old in me prayed for LOTS of snow.


I woke up this morning with SNOW DAY in my mind, but the county school district did not agree. Our little co-op follows the county schedule, snow day...

or so we thought.

J was supposed to have a field trip today, but that WAS cancelled on account of the weather, so he had no school. So, rather than taking him home and going back later to get D, we called our own snow day. Isn't homeschooling fun?

Snow Day!!

We had to spend some time outside exploring in the (miniscule amount of) snow. Much fun can be had with ANY amount of snow when you are a boy under the age of 9.


Tiny little snowballs still pack a wallop...

Snowball Fight

We're snow starved here in the south.

Snow Hand

The most dedicated boy can even get a snow angel out of it...

Snow Angel

Hope your day is filled with the magic of snow days...

And the hope that Spring is really on the way...

Daylilies Rising