Thursday, March 27, 2008

Isn't Technology GREAT???

Yes, I'm a tech-nerd. I admit it. I love electronics more than the average American woman, I think. Except for Linda. She's at least as techno-geeky as I am. I mean that as a compliment.

SO...for Valentine's Day, my sweetie got me the best thing. Well, yes - he did get me some chocolate, but this was even better than that.

It's a Sanyo Xacti CG6 digital video camera, and it's awesome. It is about the size of my Blackberry and just slips into my handbag and goes everywhere with me. I've been playing with it for the last month and annoying filming my family all over the place (which you can view on my YouTube channel, if you want to see what the videos look like.
It also takes 6 megapixel stills, and I've got to tell you, I wasn't all that hopeful at what it would produce. It's got a tiny little lens, but I'm very pleased with what I have seen so far. It even has a flash.
But, that's really NOT what this post is all about. My oldest son, D, is 8 and he used it to take this (beautifully framed and composed) picture of me, Dr. SmartyPants and J. Now come on - I was impressed when I saw it - I know you are, too!
Spring Break 2008 022
He's obviously a photographic genius...