Friday, April 01, 2011

Today: A List (no fooling)


  • I woke up and immediately helped clean up a Jasper accident. He's a crate escape artist.
  • He has an amazing bladder capacity.
  • I ate cheerios with a little sugar for breakfast.
  • I drank two cups of coffee.
  • I kissed Dr. SmartyPants and wished him good luck on his first day in his new position. (He's awesome.)
  • I went to ALDI to buy groceries.
  • I love ALDI.
  • I went to Target.
  • I love Target.
  • My car got hit in the parking lot of Target by an elderly lady.
  • I was driving past her. She pulled out just as my hood passed her. She hit me in the rear passenger door.
  • She pressed her gas pedal to the floor and kept pushing my car.
  • Then she put it in reverse.
  • That's when she hit the guy behind her.
  • I got out and kissed my 5,000 pound SUV and promised it some extra special gas the next time we filled up.
  • I was thankful: no one was injured, my kids were at home (she hit the door where Derek normally sits), we were all insured, two people gave me their numbers as witnesses, I wasn't driving my Mustang.
  • I came home and unloaded the groceries while I talked to the insurance people.
  • We ate leftover bratwurst for lunch.
  • Chico bit Derek
  • Chico may have just signed his eviction order.
  • We played tennis. I started playing with the boys, but my adrenaline rush from the accident went away rather rapidly, so I sat on a bench and stared at my precious babies play each other.
  • They rock.
  • We came home.
  • Smarty is on his way home.
  • We're going to watch Rafael and Roger play tonight.
  • Unless I pass out first.
  • I need chocolate.