Monday, April 25, 2011

Deep Sigh

Raikki Relaxing

Raikki looks how I feel, people. Too tired to lift my head, but interested enough in what's going on to at least move my eyes around...

I spent last week at my parents' house in Alabama, while my mom had surgery. She's recovering very well. I ran my niece around to her various activities and looked after the dogs while my dad stayed up at the hospital with my mom. I don't think I slept past 4:30 am the entire time I was there.

The boys stayed with my in-laws during the week, and I got to their house on Wednesday evening, and then got up at crack-o-dawn-thirty on Thursday morning to drive back to Knoxville so the boys wouldn't miss their tennis lesson. Then I worked as a photographer's assistant that evening until about 8.

So that was a long day.

The rest of the weekend was equally busy with yard work, more photography work and the like. We took a 9.5 mile bike ride on Sunday up in the foothills and had a great time driving through Cade's Cove and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Thus endeth the most boring post I've ever written.

When I wake up, I promise to be back on form...