Thursday, April 07, 2011

Blue Skies...Smilin' At Me...

The Sky was ridiculous today.

Yesterday had one of those blue skies. One of those impossibly blue skies that make you wonder if the artists at Pixar Studios have taken over the world and animated the whole darn thing. It lasted all day - a miracle of color - and it extended way into the twilight. I was playing a rather heated tennis match against Dr. SmartyPants, when I just had to stop and stare and point at the sliver of moon over the red-orange-sapphire blue sunset and marvel at God's handiwork.

I lost that match.

The boys are reading a biography of the Wright Brothers. I already finished it, and was struck by the similarities between Wil and Orv and Derek and Joshua. I think it's probably an age-order thing, but I found it amusing. Wilbur is described as having a very steady, quiet personality - someone who thinks things through and studies them for a long time before acting on anything. The book says that when he was ready to do something, though, it was done with great precision and excellence. Sounds just like Derek. He's not always the idea-guy, but he's always the make-it-work guy.

Orville was something of a pistol - the brother with the out-of-this-world ideas - a creative genius. His school work suffered from a lack of patience, but his knowledge was fantastic...his confidence bordering on arrogance. And that, fits my baby Joshua to a T. He has such amazing ideas, but often fumbles in his haste to get it done. He has a certain swagger that doesn't always exactly match his abilities.

Dr. SmartyPants and I often joke that if we could combine them, they'd make a superhuman. It can be difficult to parent children who are such opposing forces - I'm constantly telling Derek to hurry up and Joshua to slow down - telling Derek to "just try it! You can do it! Don't think so much - just go!", while at the same time cautioning Joshua to "slow down! Take a deep breath! Think it through!"

When they compare notes, they must think I'm insane.

Or at least a little confused.

They probably aren't the only ones to think that.

This weekend, I was hoping to finish up the planting and cleaning up around our new patio, but it looks as though it may least on Saturday. Maybe I'll still get some done - I'd love to show you the completed and gorgeous product sometime. It's a lovely little space, and I have a feeling that this blog is going to be seriously neglected once the weather settles in and that impossibly blue sky hangs over head more often.

Enjoy your day, people. Breathe in, breathe out.