Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Things are Bustin' Out All Over


It's dogwood season here in the 'ville. These lovely trees are blooming all over town and making me wish, once again, that I had one in my yard.

But I don't. And given my propensity toward killing green things, I most likely won't. I still haven't even planted anything in the flower bed surrounding my new patio, mainly because I can't figure out what to plant that can survive my neglect and the dogs' interest.

I'm taking suggestions.

We did eat out on our patio for the first time on Sunday night. Dr. SmartyPants grilled burgers and we sat and basked in the gloriousness of our endeavor. I strung some lights up over the table, and it was so festive and beautiful. One of these evenings, I'll get out there and take a photo so you can enjoy it, too.

Once my legs stop hurting.