Monday, April 11, 2011

You can call me Ray.

Sometimes you're just heading home from supper and you drive past the home depot and you look across the highway and your jaw drops to your chest and you are suddenly glad that you aren't actually doing the driving because you'd have had a terrible accident already and you fumble around in your purse and find your phone and open the camera app and wish he'd slow down already but there's too much traffic to do a stop in the middle of the four-lane and you just roll down your window and press the shutter button and hold your breath and then take six more before you get too far below the trees and then when you remember to check your camera roll you see this and you fiddle a little bit with the contrast and colors and then you send it to flickr and your jaw drops all over again and you decide to post it to your blog because you want everyone else to see it too.


Just had to get that out there.