Monday, May 03, 2010

Only Because I Auto...

Mercedes 300 SL

Yet another car-show-type weekend - this time it was Germany's turn to keep us enthralled. I think Dr. SmartyPants could have stood next to the Porsche 911s all day and just gazed upon their loveliness.

But I liked the Mercedes 300 SL, mainly because it was bright red and it looks like some sort of alien bug sitting on the green lawn.

We brought along the Kraken and Grumplestiltskin, so my hands were a bit full and I had to turn the camera duties over to my trusty photography assistants, Derek and Joshua. It just goes to show that my skill at photography is only surpassed by eight and ten year old boys. I only take credit for post processing on these, and a couple of Hipstamatic grabs...

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Now - next weekend is Mother's Day. I wonder what kind of car show we'll find for that?

What? There are no Mother's Day car shows? Why the heck not?

Here's how Mother's Day car shows should work, people...

The cars are luxury limousines, stocked with fresh strawberries, chocolate, champagne and Ewan McGregor. And if you are a mama?

You get one.

The end.