Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Here's one of the reasons I ♥ Melinda...she knows, from 1200 miles away, when I need a little help.

And she sends me a text to encourage me...

Melinda: You're sketching again! Woo hoo! Loving Humbolt.

Me: I love the Humbolt, too. If I could only figure out what to balance 'pon his head...a fish, mayhap? The Oxford English Dictionary? EWAN MCGREGOR????

Melinda: Hee hee...ewan mcgregor. Can of sardines? A shark?

Me: A rubber duckie? A rubber duckie in the shape of Shamu? I actually have one of those.

Melinda: I like that...playful and ironic.

Me: Brilliant. I love brainstorming. How did u know I needed that?

Melinda: The Mike and Ike thing. ;)

Me: 2 more weeks till Mike and Ike get to drink a toast to each other IN PERSON!

...and so on.  See what I mean? I never would have balanced a rubber Shamu on the Humbolt penguin's head except for that text-storming session.

And then you all would have been bereft of ironic bird stacking.

You're welcome.