Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Random Randomosity with a side of Randomness

Hey, Bud.

  1. We went back to the park today. Obsessive mom who thinks my kids are dangerous was there, but she kept her child away from mine and they weren't interested in playing with him anyway. I didn't see her until we were leaving and her son shouted across the playground to say hi. She looked up, smiled...and waved. Hmmm.
  2. We went to the park yesterday, too. Confession: we go to one park or another almost every day that isn't rainy. Even homeschoolers need recess. But yesterday, we went to an official "PARK DAY" for a local homeschool group. It was our second time there, and we had just as much fun as the first. Everyone is really nice, the kids are wonderful with each other. I actually met one of the moms at Bossy's meet-up last month.
  3. Which is why I finally decided to go to park day. I've known about that park day for a year, but last week was the first time we went. Because I'm excellently social and friendly like that. Wait. I meant socially awkward and stand-offish. Same difference. Thank you, Mary, for making me feel like I already belonged.
  4. There are 21 days until I get to see Melinda. *squeeeeeee*
  5. Dr. SmartyPants is actually cuter than Ewan McGregor, but he doesn't sing as well. He does an excellent Sean Connery accent, though, which makes up for that fact. 
  6. Yes. I am endlessly obsessed with accents originating in the British Isles, please don't ask why. It's just fact. The guy who came to fix the steps out front last month had a delightful Irish brogue and I wanted to ask him in for a spot of tea. Or whisky. But I didn't have anything but Diet Coke and milk.
  7. My big, tough, gigantic puppy is a big, fat, mushy crybaby scaredy-pants. He's afraid of balloons, leaves, awnings, birds and squirrels. And people. And rocks. And that cloud over there. And holy lord, was that a dandelion? Because those are scary.
  8. I've been getting to know Lisa via email, which is cool. I'm much less socially awkward on email. Because of the edit option. My mouth needs an edit option. Lisa also homeschools, so we've been comparing notes about what works and what doesn't. She's an excellent writer, so you should all go read her blog and then throw comments at her until she feels compelled to write even more, please and thanks.
  9. Lisa is also a Twilight aficionado, and we recently discovered that we both love Edward Cullen, but not Robert Pattinson. Can I get a what-what?
  10. In addition, Lisa is Melinda's sister-in-law, and is married to the older of Melinda's two little brothers. Melinda and her brothers and my brother and I all went to high school together and at one time or another I had crushes on both of Melinda's brothers. Melinda married mine. While we were in high school, Lisa's husband very kindly agreed to go to a church Valentine's Day banquet with me, even though he had not the slightest interest in me whatsoever. Then he called me the day of the banquet and told me he couldn't go after all. I don't know why, as I was so hawt with my freshly permed big hair. You're welcome, Lisa. 
  11. Dear inventors of orthodontics, highlights and straightening irons: I love you.