Monday, May 24, 2010

The Great Westward Journey

Japanese Maple

I'm at STOP ONE on the great westward journey - my parents' house in Alabama. Okay, I guess it's actually STOP TWO because we did stop at our house in Knoxville, but I didn't think it needed capitalization since we technically live there kind of and we only stayed one night so I'm calling this STOP ONE and you'll just have to deal with it, okay?

We drove here yesterday - Dr. SmartyPants in our SUV, me following in the Mustang, top down almost all the way, until the temperature hit above 90 and I melted into a puddle under the dash. I sang my Glee soundtracks so loudly that I had a bit of trouble carrying on a conversation once I got here.

In other words? It was perfect.

I'll be here through Wednesday morning, all the Ott boys are heading to their STOP TWO, which is Dr. SmartyPants' parents house back up the highway a bit. Then, on Wednesday, I'll continue on my way and go to my STOP MOST IMPORTANT STOP DOESN'T NEED A NUMBER TWO, where Melinda is waiting to entertain me and feed me and house me and provide me with beer a tall glass of water.

And, of course, most importantly...crawfish eh-too-fay.

Oh. And this picture has absolutely nothing to do with that, but I haven't unpacked my computer yet and I'm borrowing my dad's and so I haven't downloaded any new pictures of important things like my parents' pretty view from the back deck.

Hence...a japanese maple near our house in Arlington. Enjoy.