Monday, May 17, 2010

Kissing the Sound Barrier

F/A 18

This is an F/A18 Hornet kissing the sound barrier...traveling at just under the speed of sound. So beautiful - so powerful.


We spent the whole day on Sunday wandering around Andrews Air Force Base Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility for the Joint Services Open House, and they put on quite a show.

F22 with Payload Compartment Open

This F22 let us look up her skirt and see her knickers. Or maybe that's where the bombs go...

P51 Mustang

The pretty little P51 Mustang made me miss my pretty little Mustang.

Blue Angels

The Blue Angels were amazing, but I still think the Thunderbirds rule the sky...

Top Gun

We saw Maverick and Goose and that other guy that was hanging out with them trying to be cool. What? That's not Tom Cruise? Oh.

Well, now I'm just embarrassed.

Anyhow - at least there was this cute Marine to make up for it...

Marine. Lounging.

Yes, I know that Marines are tough, finely-tuned war machines.  But they are also adorable.

There was also this guy.

The Assailant

We'll just call him "The Assailant" for now. Maybe "The Ass" for short. I'll be sharing that story tomorrow. I'm still recovering today. We'll just leave him in the category of "Why Diahn REALLY Doesn't Like People Very Much Especially When They Are in Large Crowds of People."


Until then, feel free to peruse the amazing aircraft of the United States military. I've got lots more pictures here, plus one up on Lens Us Together, and one at quirk!

I think I'll be looking up at the skies the rest of the week...