Monday, January 14, 2008

Moleskine 1.11-1.12.08

Moleskine 11.11-11.12.08, originally uploaded by diahn.

It's Monday. AGAIN. Where does the week go? Wow.

I had a chance to sit an sketch a couple of times over the weekend. Often, I don't, as it's family time and I like to hang out with my hubby. But, Friday night I managed to do a blind contour drawing of Chico (and half of Oscar's head) while they slept on their beds, and Saturday I found myself with a few minutes before my hair appointment, so I sat in the car and drew the light across the street from Jerry's Artarama.

For that drawing, I used the Mars Lumograph 8b pencils that I had just purchased at Jerry's, on the suggestion of Laura. They're very nice - rich and dark and a little waxier than traditional graphite 8b's. Interesting. I'll have to play a little more.

Now, I'm off to my desk to paint. I've got a couple of ideas floating around in this crazy (but newly re-blonded) head of mine, and I've got to see where they go. It's possible they will go right into the trashcan, but you never know, now do you??