Saturday, January 05, 2008

An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day, originally uploaded by diahn.

There's nothing like finishing your painting for the week at the last possible moment of the week. 11:45 pm and I just finished. I've also got 2 others in the works, so I think it was a productive day!

Okay - get ready - I think I'm having an epiphany over here. Have you ever worked really hard at trying to be something and then you do something else and you wonder if maybe you should concentrate on that instead? Here's the thing - I work really hard on my acrylic paintings. I LIKE them, but every now and then, I wonder why I'm not doing this kind of thing every day.

This is gouache on paper - not acrylic on canvas. Linda filled a palette up for me when she bought some gouache a few days back (yes, she really is that kind and wonderful...I'm completely blown away by her generosity.) So - I thought, while I waited for the layers to dry on the acrylic painting I'm doing, I would work on this painting - just to pass the time and play a little. Not serious work - that's the stuff on the canvas.


I love it. I got finished and I loved it. I loved painting it. I slung some paint around and got it on my jeans and I loved it.

And then I added another glaze of paint to my acrylic painting. And then I came back to my desk and flung some more paint.


Thoughts, anyone? Can one be both a paint flinger and a meticulous layer builder? Am I developing some sort of artistic multiple personality disorder. Is it a psychartic break?


This obviously bears much more experimentation and thinking. I started this apple with the thought that I would incorporate it into a larger, acrylic mixed media canvas, but I like it too much to ruin it. I think I'll go have a mat cut for it and frame it. It's 7 x 10.5, by the way.

It's late.

I'll go ponder this while I drift off to sleep. Thanks for listening...