Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Boy and a Girl

A long time ago in a land far away...
okay - nine years ago in Florida -

A boy made a promise to a girl - a promise to love, honor, cherish, bring a fresh cup of coffee to her in the morning to wake her up - in sickness and in health. And every day since then, all 3,285 days, he's done just that. Well, except for the coffee thing - but he did have to travel for work occasionally.

It was a gamble nine years ago. They hadn't known each other long - just 3 months, in fact. But, it has turned out to be a winning proposition. A whirlwind courtship, and whirlwind wedding at the coast, and a whirlwind of activity over the last nine years - they've made 2 beautiful children, built 3 houses, raised dogs and cats, bought countless cars and a pop-up camper. They've laughed and cried and held hands and traveled and grown in faith and love and joy and promise.

Nine years is not much in the great scheme of things, I know, but it represents so much to this couple. It's a number on the way to a greater number. Her parents just celebrated their 45th anniversary, his will have their 50th at the end of the month. There are people who said this crazy marriage wouldn't last a year, maybe three. But this couple knew better. They knew like you know when you've walked in the door to your home.

It just feels like home.

I love you, R. More now, 9 years later, than the day on the beach when we held out the camera and took this picture.