Friday, January 11, 2008

Have a Cup

Have a Cup, originally uploaded by diahn.

I love gouache, I love gouache...

Oh yes I do.

And I wish I had pink tiles somewhere in my house. How fun is that? Pink and orange. Oh my gosh. I'd be in heaven.

I worked from a photo reference I got at the Reference Library on WetCanvas. I loved the composition, but hated the colors (all brown and gray and blahhhh.) So I made it more, ummm...ME!

I really believe my love of pink stems directly from the disproportionate number of men in my household. I don't recall loving pink so much when I was single. Counting the critters, it's now 6 to 1. A girl just needs some pink every now and again.

Or a mani-pedi. With pink polish. And rhinestones.

Now, where's my tiara?