Thursday, June 22, 2006

EDM #72 and Inktense Palettes

Well, this place is definitely new to me. Here's the story...Monday evening a storm blew in. Just as I was putting the chicken under the broilder, the power went out. So - off we went in search of food. Now, we often pass the Golden Corral, but we've never eathen there. We had a bad experience in one of those buffet - steak places a few years back and honestly have joked about the GC. So, when Ron suggested it, I really thought he was joking. Then, when he turned into the parking lot, I realized he really intended to eat there! It was actually really good! Salad bar, fruit bar, entrees, desserts...I had the pot roast, which was tender and juicy and very tasty. Ron had a steak that was cooked exactly like he likes it, it was tender and flavorful and hot. The boys found plenty to eat - chicken, shrimp, brownies with fudge-y icing. What can I say? We'll definitely be going back. Oh - and Amee was a great server - our glasses were never empty and clean plates were always available.

Is it ever a bad thing when the delivery from Dick Blick comes? I don't think so! Well, thanks to Laura's inspiration, I just had to go and order some of those Inktense pencils (I went ahead and ordered the set of 24). I brought them upstairs and immediately tried them out in both the regular Moleskine sketchbook (top image) and the Moleskine watercolor book (bottom image). Wow. What great, intense colors! I love that they don't sink down into the sketchbook paper the way acrylic inks do, and because they activate with very little water usage, it doesn't appear that the paper repels them they way it does regular watercolors. Now to do something with them...
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