Thursday, June 15, 2006

Who's the Weenie, Now?

My neighbor's dog barks all day long. Sun-up to sun-down, intermittent barks emanate from under the deck of the house behind and to the left of us. I can't blame him. He's just probably saying "Hey - foolish humans - why would you pay good money for a pure-bred miniature dachshund puppy and then chain it up under the deck and never come out and play?" Oh...wait...maybe that's what I am trying to say. It really is a cute little pup and I don't understand the point of having it if you DON'T PLAN TO PLAY WITH IT!!!

Yesterday, I watched as the owner used her foot to shove him back down the stairs when he tried to follow her up on the deck.

I realize I'm a softie when it comes to dogs, but really - this dog is way too small to be a yard dog, and no dog deserves to be chained 24-7. Plus...the barking is really beginning to GET ON MY NERVES!
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