Monday, July 03, 2006

D - Bedhead and All

We went camping over the weekend, to the Big South Fork River. We had a wonderful time in the woods, in spite of the ticks, and the fact that the fish weren't biting (that actually didn't bother me in the slightest). On Saturday, before we headed back to K-ville, we took a ride on the Big South Fork Scenic Railway. Everything was going fine and dandy, until we headed back up the canyon and the engine started overheating. We had to hang out in one of the mining ghost towns for a little over an hour while we waited on another engine to come and get us. So - there we sat, hot, sweaty - J took a snooze on me, so Dad and D got off the train and walked around a bit. In the end, the big engine that couldn't was replaced by the big engine that could and we made it back to the train depot. I snapped a picture of D relaxing in his seat, hair wild and mussed from the sleeping bag. I took one of J, too, but he was asleep and the view was straight up his nostrils, so I'll spare you all that one. I worked on this today while I should have been doing laundry. Sorry honey...

16x20, water soluble graphite on multi-media art board
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