Thursday, June 15, 2006

EDM #71 - Favorite Sport

Okay, I'm not sure baseball is my actual favorite sport, but it is in the top 5 and the one I've been most closely connected with for the last 2 years. This season was the first that both of my boys played Little League ball, and on the same team. (Derek played last year) They had a great set of coaches who really worked hard with them, encouraged them and challenged them to do their very best. They were the underdogs throughout the end of the year championship tournament - down 2 players who went on vacation - but they managed to make it all the way to the finals. They came in 2nd place, but I, for one am proud of every single one of them. They played their little hearts out.

I chose to draw Joshua's team trophy and tournament medal mainly because this was his first year to play, he was the youngest on the team, and he made a heap of progress during the season. During the final game, he was swinging with the determination and power of a seasoned pro! Derek had a fantastic game, as well - he tagged one of only 3 outs that our team was able to get during the game, and stopped a lot of balls from going into the grass. It is funny how it's always that last game that they show their potential...maybe we can keep up the enthusiasm during the summer so when fall ball starts, they won't have forgotten what they learned!

But, now it is on to another of our favorite sports - track. The rest of June will be taken up with Tuesday and Thursday night practices and Saturday track meets. We'll take July and part of August off and then back to the ballfield...and the boys say they want to play basketball in the with boys (and I don't even LIKE basketball!)
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