Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In the Summertime...

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

We've gone from winter to summer here in Tennessee. Spring popped up for a moment, just long enough to let the dogwoods and azaleas bloom, then she fled south for the year, I guess. In the past few weeks, we've gone from 50 degrees to 90 - and skipped the open window season altogether.

I love open window season - my house gets aired out, my electricity and gas bills go down, my allergies hit an all-time-high. Okay. I can live without the last one, but the other points are valid.

This year, we went straight from heat to a/c. We're supposed to break the record high temperature set back in 1918, today. Hello, summer.
Derek and Joshua start team tennis today. I'm not entirely sure how all that works, because I missed the orientation meeting on Saturday. I had it in my calendar, I talked to Dr. SmartyPants about it, told the boys I'd be going. Then I proceeded outside to plant my vincas, and an hour and a half after the meeting was to have started, I came inside, picked up my phone and realized I had completely missed it.

Hi. My name is Diahn. I'm a complete flake. I cannot function without my iPhone. It will now be strapped to my forehead like a phylactery.
I miss Melinda. Mudbug Madness was this past weekend, and I didn't get to go this year. That makes me sad. But I may get to see her soon, anyway. That makes me happy.
My mom butt-dialed me Friday. I could hear her and my sister and niece talking about getting food at the grocery store. They didn't hear me. It made me laugh.
My tomato plants have the most adorable little tomatoes on them. I like to go out and gaze at them and smell the leaves. Is that weird? If I were to ever wear perfume, I'd like it to be eau de tomato leaf, but I don't wear perfume, so I guess that's irrelevant.

And weird.
This weather makes me want to sit on my patio in the evenings and drink margaritas. It just seems right.

Anyone want to join me?