Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back in the Saddle, Again

The first page in my newest Moleskine sketchbook. I can't call it my new sketchbook, because it has been languishing in my purse for a very long time. I took it out occasionally and drew some odd geometric designs on a few pages, but the chickadee is the first non-doodle I've drawn in it.

I'm heading out to pick up camping supplies for the first trip of the year. We haven't had the camper out since September of last year, and everyone is excited at the prospect of a few days in the woods. It's always a nice, quiet retreat away from my self-imposed electronic attachment, and usually seems to signal my getting back into the studio and getting some quality work done. I hope it works this time, as well.

I've got a 4x6 canvas...that's 4 FEET by 6 FEET canvas, by the way...waiting to get put back together and have something painted on it, so the ideas really need to start flowing right away.

Or my mom's going to get mad at me.

Be patient, Mom...