Monday, May 23, 2011

'tis a gift to be simple

We had a list for the weekend...some things got crossed off...some things were added...

We'll probably clean out the garage, instead.
And go to the farmer's market.
And play some tennis.
And watch the A-Team (some of us, anyway.)
And rest.
And watch some Formula 1 racing.
And paint.
And make some beignets.
And drink some coffee.
And take some photographs.
And walk the dogs.
And vacuum.

The beignets were the best I've ever made...from a Southern Living recipe. So dreamy light and fluffy and the taste?

Dang. People. PLEASE. Make. These.




At the farmer's market, the strawberries knocked us off our feet and we bought a gallon of them. Then, when we got home and realized how many strawberries are in a gallon, I realized we'd have to either eat nothing but strawberries for a solid week or make jam.

jam session step one

jam session step 2

jam session step 3

This is the real-deal, man...not freezer jam. I have six adorable little four ounce quilted jelly jars packed to the brim with summer, right there... plus two bags of sliced, frozen strawberries for shortcake AND a colander full of plump berries for snacking.

It's enough to make me happy that it's Monday...