Friday, May 27, 2011

I've Got a Feelin'

The Cleverlys

The Smarty and I had a date last night. It's not a terribly common occurrence, that. We don't get out as often as we should, I suppose. But we did. Yay!

We went out for dinner (shrimp & grits...mmmm) and a couple of $2 drafts, and then headed to The Square Room to see The Cleverlys.

They are very clever. Now, I love me some good bluegrass music, people. Add good bluegrass music to self-deprecating humor and a whole lot of wit, and I'm completely happy.

We had a great time - it was a good crowd with a strange blend of white-haired ladies and seersucker suited gentlemen mixed in with hipsters sporting super straight jeans while drinking PBR from a can.

And we were there, too.  We defy classification.

So do The Cleverlys...

And oh.  By the way...I have a new boy-fren...

He played the fiddle right into my heart...