Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unicorns and Fairy Dust and a Quest

Raikki Relaxing

The league of magical creatures has petitioned to have Raikki's tongue designated as a safe landing zone, much like an aircraft carrier, as it is ridiculously long and wide and quite wet.

I am petitioning to have my toe with the bone spur re-labeled a "Magical Unicorn Toe," because the bone spur actually looks just like a unicorn horn in the x-ray and it makes me feel less old and worn. I shall name him Fred, the Magical Unicorn Toe, and his very presence will make me run like the breeze on a mid-summer's evening.

I'm going to get a rainbow tattoo right on top of Fred. And then, when I run, magical fairy dust shall float about it and drift southward and all the oil in the Gulf of Mexico shall be instantly free of crude and Mark will have to back to towing around barges in New York.

No, I haven't been drinking.

I'm heading south, myself tomorrow, though not as far as the Gulf. The boys and I will be spending a couple of weeks in Knoxville, to catch up with friends and neighbors and things we miss while living up here. Melinda and her ENTIRE CREW are heading up to the Smoky Mountains for vacation during the second week that we're there, so we'll be making a few quick trips up to the mountains, as well.

I'm only a teensy bit excited about that one.

Linda and the boys and I are going out on a Photo Walk on Saturday, to play with our cameras and have some fun - I'm really looking forward to it! I'm going to let the boys experiment with my old dSLR, as well as their point and shoot cameras - I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Of course, being in Knoxville means that I won't have access to internet like I do here, so things will slow down a bit here and on quirk. I'll find a few days in there that I can post, but it may be fairly sporadic...

Sooo...while I'm away, if you have a minute, feel free to drop me a comment or three and tell me how you're doing, okay?

I always miss you when I'm gone...