Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Delicate Flower? I Scoff at Your Description

Tough Lily

After a three week break, I started running again. And all the men in my house rejoiced with the rejoicing of angels for BEHOLD!

Mama wasn't so grumpy anymore.

Can I get a hallelujah, people?

I went back to the orthopaedist today, just to make sure I wasn't likely to do any lasting damage, and basically what I found was...

...I'm not as young as I think I am. I've got a little plantar fasciitis, because my arches are extraordinarily high. Seriously. The doctor commented on it three or four times. I am a freakish high-arch medical marvel.

I've also got some tendinitis in my uh, tendon that goes around the ankle and up to the calf. The treatment is pretty simple - stretching, anti-inflammatory drugs, arch supports. I can keep running. (yay.)

I also have bone spurs in my other foot, at the joint where my big toe connects into my foot. Not BAD bone spurs, but they are there, nonetheless.

I asked the doctor how they form, and he smiled gently and said, "Oh, wear and tear...arthritis...age."

I laughed and asked him if that meant I was no spring chicken.

He gave me a rather enigmatic smile.

I cried.

Then I pulled myself up by my orthotic boot straps and hauled myself out to buy out the Dr. Scholl's arch support insert display. And you know what? Maybe I'll have to wear heavy-duty arch supports and stop wearing flip-flops and going barefoot all the time...

...but when I cross the line at the 5K in September?

It won't matter one bit.