Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Brain: You Are No Longer on Vacation. Please Start Working.

joshua on beach wide

Honestly, people. Why is it so hard to reset one's brain after a week's vacation? I'm drifting, aimlessly - watching the sun rise and fall - with no plan or rudder. Yesterday, I started cleaning out my office and found my photo CD storage box and thought, "wow, wouldn't it be cool to see what the boys looked like the first year we ever went to Hatteras, when they were babies, and compare those photos to what they look like this year because it's been 8 years since the first time we went and they were so small and tiny and OMG they were so cute, look at that!"

Yes, my brain does speak in run-on sentences...why do you ask?

So I popped in a CD and FOUR HOURS LATER, my office still wasn't clean.

However. I had this...


And a big puddle of tears all over my keyboard...