Monday, January 25, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere


And here's some to drink.

Oh, lord at the rain. We had a brief period today of blue skies, and the boys and I were all, "Wha? The sky - it seems, I don't, maybe?" We really weren't sure what to do, exactly. We ended up taking a brief walk to the park.

Just long enough to watch the clouds roll in.

Every. Single. Inch. Of. Land. Is. Saturated.

Our backyard looks like we installed a pool.

The walk to the park goes squish squish squish, squish squish squish, squish squish squish...

It could be worse - I know that. There are no hillsides threatening to slide down upon us, no rivers about to crest and flood our home, no massive white-out blizzard.

And yet.

This unrelenting grayness has its own set of catastrophic circumstances. There is much to be said for sunny days, a bit of warmth on a face turned skyward, and what they can do for a body and soul. I want to be out in it - walking with my flip flops keeping time to the beat of my elated heart.

And yet.

I'll make it through, I know. I'll search for sunny shores online, dreaming of the day when I'll complain about the heat and the drought and would it go ahead and rain already. Somehow, winter starts to fade and spring begins the process of renewing and I'll jump in and join the parade of green shoots springing up from cold earth. In only a few short days, January will be but a distant, chilly memory.

Of course...then there's February.

Don't even get me started on February...