Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please Forgive Me


But he's so dang cute. Pretty much all the posts this week will be about Raikki.

He's much more laid back than I anticipated. My experience with puppies in the past was that they were nutso. He's beginning to relax a little today and play more, but he's still not as curious and into everything as other puppies I've had.

The boys are in love - especially Joshua, who is convinced that Raikki likes him better than anyone else.

Chico, however?

Chico is pissed.

I'm pretty sure that when we walked in last night, with this big, awkward, ridiculous puppy, I heard Chico say, "WTF?"

The fact that this 9 week old is already bigger than Chico isn't helping.

I'm still counting on the puppy breath to win him over...