Saturday, January 09, 2010


My Love

For the first time in 11 years, we aren't together on this day.

Just a fluke, really - another trip interfered - one I couldn't miss, and one he understood.

After 11 years, that happens, I suppose.

Or it should.

Understanding, I mean. After all - after 11 years together, who knows me better? Who understands my deepest needs and grandest desires? Who has been there throughout the pinnacles of happiness and the depths of despair? Who has held my hand and listened as I spilled out the junk that accumulates inside my heart sometimes?

He has.

Who has watched and waited for me to muscle through the pain of disappointment and depression? Patiently. Generously. Lovingly.

He has.

Who has as firm a grasp on my heart as he did 11 years ago?

He has.

(And who is absolutely ridiculously handsome? Yep - you guessed it...)

Happy Anniversary, my sweet love. DRUL 3.14159265...