Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have a Random List. (bullet points included)


  • I've got such an urge to redecorate.
    • I don't think it's in my lease, though.
  • My dog snores more loudly than my husband. 
    • But I poke my husband and make him turn over so he'll quit.
  • My parents are awesomely awesome awesomators. 
    • You'll just have to trust me on that one.
  • I don't know how I've lived so long without radiant heat and a gas range. 
    • I don't know how I'll live without them when we go back to Tennessee.
  • Math is my sons' favorite subject. 
    • Except for the addition. 
    • And the subtraction.
  • Harry Potter rocks. 
    • But I still can't believe I cried over a house-elf.
  • I'm halfway done cleaning out the corner cabinet in the dining room. 
    • That means that half of the contents are still scattered all over the dining room. 
    • Fail.
  • I'm not going to complain about January any longer. 
    • After Sunday. 
    • On Monday, I promise to complain only about February.
  • I love my Wranglers. 
    • But I should probably wash them more often.
  • I'm in the mood for papier-mâché creating.
    • I'm taking that as a good sign. My creativity dips way below normal in the winter.

Have a random evening, peeps.