Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clown College


Head of the Class.

Raikki is doing great. He's obviously brilliant, and has taken to house training like a champ - we're 6 days and counting without any, um, indiscretions. He's settling down better at night, in his crate, whimpering a time or two before passing out cold.

He's also completely spastic, and maybe a little narcoleptic. I have video evidence - if I can get it uploaded later today, I'll share it. He flails around, acting like a little maniac for a few minutes, then flops down, takes a deep breath and starts snoring.

Chico has taken to walking around, muttering under his breath about hoodlums and whippersnappers and the like. He growls and bares his teeth every time Raikki comes near him. Raikki, being a young hoodlum whippersnapper, thinks that's the funniest thing he's ever seen and completely ignores him, unless he accidentally stumbles over him whilst careening about like a lunatic.

Quiet days are over here at the Ottwork compound. We have DRAMA, INTRIGUE, CONFLICT, COMEDY.

Maybe NBC should put us on at 10 pm.