Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sorry About That, Hon.

Locked Out

Dr. SmartyPants has strep, now.

Just trying to spread the love.
Derek and I went into Target yesterday, to pick up some antibiotics for the Smarty, and I remembered I needed milk. I looked in their cooler, but all they had was some chocolate soy milk - they were completely out of every other type of milk product.

When I got back in the car, I was telling Smarty and Joshua about it. I mentioned that the only thing in the cooler was chocolate soy milk, and that just didn't seem all that appetizing.

Joshua commented, "Well. That's probably why they still had some."

That kid just doesn't miss a beat.
The boys have been playing restaurant owners for the past few nights. They make their sign (lately, it's been Mexican Restaurant, and their names are displayed as Diego and Rico). They put on their aprons, and take orders, and serve the plates...all with "Mexican" accents. Joshua's accent sounds more Indian to me, and I mentioned that to him.

Derek told me it is because they are really from Indiana.

Apparently we need to work on geography a bit more.
I was thinking about Melinda today, and she called me.

That happens a lot.

We're on the Psychic Friends Network.
Linda and I have been collaborating on something that's been equal parts frustrating and exciting.

We're almost ready to let you all in on the secret.

But not just yet.

We need something fun for February.
I'm wearing Wranglers.