Friday, February 22, 2008

An Apple a Day

Yet another gouache apple

Well, I'd like to say it keeps the doctor a way, but this flu season, at least...not so much. We've actually not been overwhelmed with it, but little J is still battling his mystery virus...6 days and counting of fever and a cough. He'll be missing his last basketball game of the season, poor little guy. His fever-induced sleep-talking events have been fun, though. Nothing like a little hallucination to keep it real.

So. I've painted another apple. I don't know why. I actually started this one about 2 weeks ago, and just finally managed to finish it yesterday. It is one of those paintings that, had I finished it when I started it, it probably would have turned out much better, but it just lost its freshness, somehow. I also think that having used the 300lb hot press on the last painting made using the 140lb cold press seem cheap and tawdry. Okay, maybe not tawdry. But that hot press is like buttah.

Or velvet.

Or buttah'd velvet.

All I know is...I like it. I'm going to have to get me some more. Soon. Like tomorrow.

Still loving the gouache. I can't make myself paint in acrylics. I've's just not working.

And I think that's okay. Why fight it?