Thursday, February 21, 2008


Forgive me, blogland, for I have sinned. It has been 2 weeks since my last blog-fession. I mean, really - 2 weeks. To the day. Phew. We've been wrapped up in flu-season and mystery viruses and lots of activity on top of that and I've not seen the inside of my studio since exactly 2 weeks ago today. That is just so very wrong.
So, today, even while still in the middle of mystery virus-land (not me, but little J, unfortunately), D and I came up and cleared off a space to play. If you have children and have any desire to teach them anything about art, you HAVE to go to Artsonia. Teachers upload lesson plans with all the concepts and materials that you need and all you have to do is register for FREE to have access to all of it. We decided to work on a color wheel - learning the primaries and secondaries, while making something beautiful with 6 way radial symmetry. I wish I could think these things up, but I can't, so therefore...I Artsonia.
Now - a word about color wheels and the profoundly color vision deficient boy. Yikes. As an artist, nothing makes me sadder than the fact that my darling eldest boy has a color vision deficiency. I can't imagine not seeing the colors that I do, the way that I do. The sadness is sharpened by the knowledge that as the mother, I had to have been the carrier of this particular affliction - it does run in my family. So, while D can tell a primary red from a pure green, all the shades in between are lost to him. Sometimes he even loses primary red and pure green if they are right next to each other with no other point of reference. Purple and blue look the same. Orange and red look the same. He's learned to read the crayon before he starts coloring. Tragic.
All that being said - he did a fabulous color wheel with 6 way radial symmetry...
D's Rocket Wheel
And of course, I had to play along...
My Color Wheel
Maybe J will feel like doing it tomorrow - you know he's feeling bad when he won't even do ART!
Poor baby.
On another note, Sharon of Flat Sound of Wooden Clogs gave me a really nice award and mention in her blog. I'll post on it a little later this evening, I hope. Thanks Sharon!