Saturday, April 07, 2007

WIP - Stephanie

I started this painting yesterday, as part of the WetCanvas Weekly Drawing Event. It was hosted by my dear cyber-friend Valri, and one of the images absolutely grabbed me. It is a photo of her niece, Stephanie, who recently had a baby girl. What is it about pregnant women - they just's true. I never felt like I was glowing, personally, but people always told me I did. Anyhow - for the WDE, I posted a WIP, so I thought I'd do the same here.
First, I transferred my drawing over to my 140lb cold press watercolor paper.
Step 1 - Transfer the drawing to paper
Then, I started adding in washes of acrylic ink. The background was done with yellow, magenta, and indigo, and unfortunately doesn't show up like it does in real life - it looks too flat in the photo. The skin tones were started with very light washes of yellow and magenta.
Step 2 - Initial washes - background and skintones
I continue building tone by adding light washes of color. This painting is done almost entirely with yellow, magenta and indigo - layering glazes on top of each other.
Step 4 - adding depth
And here's the finish!
Final - Stephanie