Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Big Bad Bass

Admit it - you were looking for a fish, weren't you? HA! I did an ATC awhile back of the headstock of a Fender Jazz Bass, and really wanted to do something a little larger on canvas. This is another of those 6x12" canvases I have stacked in my closet - it's really a nice format - they make nice groupings, even if the subject matter is different - trust should buy some (of mine) :D
So - here's a little WIP - not sure if I accomplished what I wanted here, and really probably should have stopped at step three, but now it is finished and I'm moving on. I'm trying very hard to not get hung up on paintings. I'll live with it for a while, and if it needs something, I'll revisit later...but for now, here's the rest...