Saturday, March 09, 2013

Color Inspiration

Turquoise BirdCitrine Bird

There are days (weeks, months, years) when everywhere I turn I see the same color over and over. In stores, online, in my own house - maybe it's a seasonal thing, and my brain wants particular colors at particular times. I'm not sure, but right now, turquoise and citrine are front and center.

The fact that both of these pieces have birds on them shouldn't surprise anyone who has been here more than a couple of times. I'm clearly bird-obsessed. I found both of them at the local Carolina Pottery store, and they begged me to take them home, so I did.

Because who can resist a bird?

I think it's so interesting how our color desires change over time. When I bought the mango leather chairs you can see in the background, about 7 years ago, all of my color choices were on the warm side. My living room was a deep yellow, my dining room was cranberry. I loved orange as an accent everywhere. Even my wardrobe was warmer.

Now I'm all grey and blue and green - cool and watery colors. Is it just environmental? Is it just because stores are showing cooler colors right now, or is there some fundamental change that goes on in our brains over time that insists we change?

Whatever it is, I'm enjoying the colors for now. They remind me of the beach and of summer and warm temperatures, all of which I sorely need.

What colors are inspiring you right now?