Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Readers are the Prettiest

Deck the Halls

Thank you all for your sweet words about my friend, Maynelle. She was a treasure. Her funeral was sweet and poignant and touching and I was so honored to be included in it.

Today, though - life moves on at a frightening pace. My sweet little baby boy will be 11 in just a couple of weeks. How does that happen? My other sweet little baby boy is up to my shoulder and doesn't cuddle in my lap anymore...mainly because he wouldn't fit. (He's still known to snuggle up really good first thing in the morning. Especially if I have a blanket.)

My Christmas decorations are up outside, including my new sweet Christmas hippo, Hector. (See him? Right there in the front? Isn't he ADORABLE?)

I've always wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas.

I'm going to be making Linda's Shortbread Cookies (in my mind they are now called "Liars and Scoundrels Shortbread Cookies...") today, I think. It will be my reward for unpacking the rest of the boxes taking over my dining room.

Assuming I actually get that done.

My top tip for a relaxing Christmas season...DON'T MOVE ON THANKSGIVING DAY.


Holy smokes, my brain is scattered today.

My top tip for not having a scattered brain...DON'T MOVE ON THANKSGIVING DAY.

That is all.

(Have a great Thursday, everyone. It is Thursday, right?)