Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Girl at Panera

Girl at Panera, originally uploaded by diahn.

Linda and I met up tonight for a sketching session. We've both had a bit of downtime in drawing from life lately. We haven't drawn anything together in an age - we'll get together and chat, but the last few times we've gone anywhere, I haven't even brought my sketchbook with lame is that?

So - we talked and decided that it was time to change that. We went to Panera and had a sandwich and then actually broke out the books and pencils and pens and commenced to drawing. It felt good, but I was completely rusty and the first couple of drawings I made were just, well...sad.

Then I refilled my coffee cup and sat back down to try again. I managed to capture this woman as she worked at her laptop, and was much more pleased with it than the others. Her hand looks odd, but the way she was holding it made it look half as big as it really was.

Linda threw down the gauntlet and said she was going to draw something every day for the rest of the month (all 6 days that remain) and post them. So - of course - I must promise the same.

One a day.

Like vitamins for the right side of my brain.