Sunday, July 23, 2006


After months of trying and failing, busy schedules and otherwise hectic lives, Linda and I managed another sketchcrawl of Knoxville. It was actually more photo-crawl than sketchcrawl, but that's good too! We found out one day when we were talking that both of us had been quite fascinated with a row of old warehouses downtown - most of which had broken windows and general shabby appearance - and so we decided to go and try to capture them on (digi) film Saturday. We might have sat and sketched them, but there were way too many warning signs about the fact that our presence was against company policy, etc., so we decided that it might be best to snap a few photos and move on.

Looking at the warehouses got us kind of stumped as to what kind of church was just behind them, so off we went to investigate. It was the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, and they were getting ready for a wedding. I managed to completely mangle the steeple of the church (what was I thinking - total perspective NIGHTMARE), while Linda sketched the other side of the warehouse row. It didn't look so bad from the other side.

While we were looking for a parking place, we ended up right in front of the Downtown Gallery, an extension of one of The University of Tennessee's Art Department galleries. They had an interesting exhibition called THRESHOLDS: Expressions of Art and Spiritual Life and so we spent a little time wandering through it. Some of the works, I just gotta say - I didn't get. Not a clue. A couple of them were magnificent, though, like the at least 6 foot long woodcut of Jonah and the Big Fish, and a huge acrylic and mixed media work called "Warring Unbelief" - I could have stood and looked at that one all day, just trying to sort out the symbolism. Cool. (If you go to the website link above, and roll your cursor over the images, it pops up in the central image - not that you can tell much, but...

Anyhow, we ended up at Starbuck's and finally got out the Moleskines. What is it about 'buck's that encourages such activity? I don't know - maybe they put something in the espresso...
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