Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More From the Pink Book

More pink sketches. Still fairly basic - just sketching, hatching, etc. Haven't tried really hard to get any real shading done, except in the chair sketch. All of these are done with a Tombow fineline marker, some with the brush end, on shadows, etc.
It does make me feel a little conspicuous in public though - hard to hide all that bright pink! I went to a meeting Monday night at my kids' school, and we had to check if we were interested in particular classes - supposedly anonymous. Mine was the only bright pink mark - so I think everyone knew that I would like a class on disciplining the 5-10 year old set.
This is a sketch of our 20 year old, 6 pound cat, Pugsley. She's not 6 pounds because she's 20 years old. She's always been that size. She eats like a horse and drinks a ton of water and will probably outlive me.
In bed sketches. Everyone was sleeping except for me. That happens a lot around here.
And one very wonky marble. But - I like it. It's very pink.