Friday, October 08, 2010

Monuments, Museums and Memorials, Oh My!


I mentioned the other day that I was out playing tourist in DC this week, and I thought I'd take a moment to catch you up on what we've been doing.

My friend, K, came up on Saturday. Her daughter was participating in a national youth leadership conference, and so K came along and stayed with us to see all the sights. I tried very hard to squeeze in as much as possible in the short time she was here, and I'm afraid I ran her all over town in an effort to see EVERYTHING. We did, of course, fall short of that goal.

I've lived here 20 months and still haven't seen everything.

But we made a valiant effort.

In four days, we managed to see:

The Lincoln Memorial
The Korean War Veterans Memorial
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
The World War II Memorial
The Washington Monument
The White House (from the outside)
The National Archives*
The Smithsonian Castle
The Smithsonian Museum of American History
The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
The Rayburn House Office Building
The United States Capitol*
The Library of Congress
The Supreme Court
The United States Botanic Gardens
The Jefferson Memorial
The FDR Memorial
The National Cathedral
The US Marine Corp War Memorial (aka Iwo Jima)

Phew. I'm tired just looking at that list...

*These two trips in particular require their own post...look for them in the next couple of days.

If you like a good visual (and just to further cement my geek status), here's a map of everywhere we went...

View Washington DC Tour in a larger map

You should be able to zoom in to see the particulars, and click on the placemarks to see what each location is and a representative photo...

LLAP, people.