Thursday, October 21, 2010

Instant DC

Iwo Jima

I mentioned on Sunday that I had a meeting to go to that afternoon and that I'd fill you in on it when I got more details, and then I didn't fill you in on it.

Because I'm awesome.

So I'll fill you in now, okay?

Because I'm so super excited, but trying to stay all cool like it's no big deal, but underneath the surface I'm all shimmery and sparkly and such a freakin' goober and OMG and all that.

I've been invited to participate in a show at Fathom Gallery in DC! The show is called Instant DC and is a photography exhibit for iphoneographers, specifically those in the DC area. The organizer of the exhibit, James Campbell, has put together a fantastic group of photographers, and I'm completely gobsmacked to be included, quite honestly. A three-person jury will select the photos that will be exhibited from those on our flickr photostream, so I don't exactly know which ones will be in the show, but there should be about 10 of them.

So, here's the thing...if you happen to live anywhere around the DC area, I'd LOVE for you to come to the show. It opens on Thursday, November 18 at the Fathom Gallery in Logan Circle, and tickets are available for pre-purchase here. Tickets will be available at the door as well, but there is a discount for purchasing early. Even if you don't purchase early, the tickets are only $5 for opening night. It's a short show - runs through Saturday, November 20, so put it on your calendar and tell all your friends and feel free to blog about it or tweet it or whatever it is you can even snatch that sweet little animated gif up there and put it on your own blog, if you want...

Spread the word people...iphoneography is art...