Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Life, The Universe, and Everything

Or, at least my universe...

The kids went back to school today, freeing me up for some much needed quiet reflection time. I spent the morning buying towels, some art supplies at Jerry's and groceries, but most importantly, I had some time to tool about our scruffy little city and try to find some direction for the year.

I made it down to the landing, right along the river, and watched as the mist rose, birds chuckled and the sun slowly came up over the tree tops. I stood between two bridges, which seemed rather perfect at the time. I feel like I am standing, poised for a change, ready to cross into the next phase of my life and my art. Whew. I need to have more alone-time, apparently.

So, here are what I have determined to be my goals for the year, at least in the beginning.

1. Hang some artwork in a gallery or art space, other than my own home...or the home of my mother.
2. Continue to draw from life, concentrating on the figure.
3. Further refine my "voice". Take stock in the things that inspire me, to which I find myself drawn, and combine them in a way that is distinctly me.
4. Write a coherent and succinct artist statement. That's actually one of the early goals - it will be done by the 17th, as per my accountability agreement with Linda.

Okay. That's it. Happy New Year. Go outside and find some inspiration. Now..I mean it - get up and go.